Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Flesh and the Devil

A lovely friend of mine gave me three silent films, all featuring Greta Garbo, for Christmas this past week.  I watched "The Flesh and the Devil" last night, and let me tell you, my love for silent films has been revived, stronger than ever.  The passion and intensity to which each moment of the film is given, by over-acting at times, is exquisite.  

A favorite of mine is a scene when the two main character first meet, in a garden after dark, and he puts a cigarette in his mouth to light.  Greta slowly takes it out of his lips, never breaking eye contact.  She puts it in her mouth, her black/red lipstick smearing obviously on the cigarette.  She keeps it there for a few minutes (this scene is long :)) before handing it back to him, putting her lipstick on his lips.  He sighs and is elated simultaneously by this action.  Looking intoxicated, he finally goes to light the cigarette and she blows out the match. Ardent silent-movie kissing ensues.  It's so deeply passionate, with such little effort.  Modern films, take note.

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