Monday, December 28, 2009

Bath time

When I was younger, and had loads of time to devote to bathing extravagances, my favorite part of the evening was bath time. I would stay in the bath for hours, pretending to be a mermaid. When I got older, it was pretending to be a character in The Great Gatsby. (Lots of pretending in my childhood it seems :). Analyze what you will. I just read a lot.) Bath time was always romanticized to me. It always involved candles, music, and poetry.

I took a pink bath last night. (Thank you eternally, Elizabeth, for my "gift of good skin" that was my birthday present.) At Lush, where Liz works, they have these "bath bombs" that fizz up and fill the bath with bubbles and turn your bathwater different shades of water (if you prefer). Well, the one I used last night turned the steaming bath pink and melted away to little rose petals in the water. Divinity! I promise myself, at least one bath a week.
I do rather adore them.

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