Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nanaw used to sing me this song all the time...

It usually ended in me singing along and/or dancing around the living room with her. The Waltz was preferred.

"You make me feel so young

You make me feel like spring has sprung

Every time I see you grin

I'm such a happy individual

The moment that you speak

I want to go and play hide-and-seek

I want to go and bounce the moon

Just like a toy balloon

You and I, are just like a couple of tots

Running across the meadow

Picking up lots of forget-me-nots

You make me feel so young

You make me feel there are songs to be sung

Bells to be rung, and a wonderful fling to be flung

And even when I'm old and gray

I'm gonna feel the way I do today

'Cause you make me feel so young"


  1. Crying too...
    I looked like a sad baby in this picture. I was not, however, a sad baby.