Monday, May 24, 2010

I have discovered a side of Margaret Atwood

...that is utterly enjoyable and profoundly strong.
Her poems.

"I can change my
self more easily
than I can change you

I could grow bark and
become a shrub

or switch back in time
to the woman image left
in cave rubble, the drowned
stomach, bulbed with fertility
face a tiny bead, a
lum, queen of the termites

or (better) speed myself up,
disguise myself in the knuckles
and purple-veined veils of old ladies,
become arthritic and genteel

or one twist further:
collapse across your
bed clutching my heart
and pull the nostalgic sheet up over
my waxed farewell smile

which would be inconvenient
but final."


  1. what is this poem about?

  2. yeah i am so confused too, what is this talking about? why do you like it so much?