Sunday, May 30, 2010


My best guy friend, Ish, is moving in 5 days. It's a great job opportunity and an excuse to get out of Ohio. :) It is a positive move from him in all regards. Since he decided to take the leap, a few months ago, I have seen a whole different side of him. It's like he blossomed. I am so deeply happy for him and that he is at this wonderful place in his life.

This does not mean I won't miss him like freaking crazy. Ish is a wise man. He has taught me so many things. He has expanded my mind with his own that resembles a library storage room, full of knowledge on everything. He has a spirituality that is remarkable and beautiful, is always patient, and always calm. He can even me out. When the worst happened with Nanaw a few weeks back, he was with me when I got the news we were officially taking her off life support. You can imagine how much of a mess I was. I don't think I've been that emotionally "out of control" in front of anyone-- ever. I can usually keep it relatively together. But that day I couldn't and he didn't miss a beat. He did exactly what I needed him to. I was in such a vulnerable and extreme emotional position, not a whole lot of men would know what to do. He did. 

In years of friendship I think I've seen him actually upset once. He is very peaceful, to say the least. And when he wasn't, I was so unnerved by his lack of complete control that I almost had trouble helping/advising him. ha! We trust each other, and each others opinions on our lives. We know the other truly wants the best for us. Finding a friend like him is hard, believe me, I know. And although now I will have an excuse for a road-trip to Virginia to hang out on the beach all day, my life here in Ohio will have a distinct gap in his wake.

Last night we hung out for possibly the last time-- ate take-out Indian food, talked about everything, read some books, and googled ancient Egyptian conspiracy theories for a few hours. It was the perfect, low-key evening to spend with such a treasured friend. Very fitting for our relationship.

My 23rd. bday party. I think we're about to pass out at this point. It was a long awesome night.

Back when I had purple hair... ah, those were the days.


  1. I feel your pain. Kim is moving to Miami, FL in two weeks. Your words are exactly what my heart feels.

  2. Oh gosh Erica, I'm so sorry. As adult, as my mother would say, we learn that friendship can span states and oceans, if it's real, they are always in your heart-- and you make it work.