Friday, April 23, 2010

This summer

is already looking marvelous. I've got Chicago in a week (which involves a bed and breakfast in Wicker Park! What?!), My Morning Jacket the day after returning from Chicago (Jim James, we meet again.), Boston in a month (Walden Pond! Emerson! Finally! ah!), film-making all July, Texas in August, and lots of fun-having, adventuring, loving, and reading in-between.

I'm rather excited about it.


  1. I think you forgot Africa. You better not have forgotten Africa.

  2. I never forget Africa. But the money to get to Africa forgot me, it seems. The trip is postponed til December for now. Deepest sigh.

  3. Between your Incubus crush and affinity for Wicker Park, I'm deeply concerned.

    Oh, and you like NBC's "The Office."

  4. Well, as you can see from the title of the post "Never a huge fan of Incubus", I'm not a fan of Incubus. I am simply admiring Boyd's cheekbones.

    If you read the Wicker Park post, it says I think the movie is rubbish, except for the last scene.

    With all the glory that this blog contains, all you can point out is what you dislike? Tis a shame.

    And if you don't quit harassing my about my love of the American "Office", I'm going to drive to Lima, knock on your door, hide in a shrub until you answer, and run away. You will be SO inconvenienced!

  5. I couldn't remember his name and didn't feel like hunting it down again.

    I wasn't talking about the movie. I was talking about the neighborhood.

    As for the ding-and-ditch, someone likely did that outside the newsroom last night. The doorbell rang twice, and I found no one outside.

  6. You can't seriously have an aversion to Wicker Park the actual place...