Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shai quote of year.

I really don't think I'll ever forget this one.

Scene: About two weeks ago, my little gentleman is standing at the top of my stairs, Keith is about to leave to go get us all ice cream.

I reach up to give Keith a goodbye hug and he kisses me on the cheek.

Shai yells out to him, rather accusingly, "You like kissin' her?!"

My jaw drops as a huge smile sneaks across Keith's face. He responds, "Yeah, I guess I do. She is really nice."

Hands on his hips, head wagging reproachfully, Shai retorts, "Well, she likes kissin' me." (Huge emphasis placed on the word me.)

After I stop laughing, I tell him, "Yeah bird, I do. You are totally right."

The territorial instincts of a 4 year old boy, matched with his hilarious personality and attitude, makes for the best Shai-quote yet. :)

Well, besides the time when he randomly whispered, "Jesus died on the cross." And then followed it up with, "Man, Jesus is so crazy. He is just such a crazy guy."


  1. Every time you post something about him, I love him more and more. And, I don't even know the kid!! I can't wait until my little Bentley is old enough to give me memories like this!

  2. :) I'm so glad you love him. Because I love you and it all just works out. You better do what I am doing now when Bentley hits the "absurd-funny-quotes" age so I can share in your hilarity as well!

  3. It's true. He really is the most adorable fellow.