Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So I caved.

And did what I swore I wouldn't do-- I watched Order of the Phoenix the film before I finished the book. It was late, I had had some wine, Laci was pleading and my defenses were useless against her excuse of, "Well, you did ruin the entire series for me when you told me before we even started reading what major character died at the end of Half-Blood Prince. So maybe this can just make us even."

Yeah. I have a knack for telling people critical plot details on accident. It's horrible. Not sure where I picked that up... Anyway, a mixture of pleading brown eyes, cookies and a sincere crush on the kid who plays Ron Weasely got me to watch it. And let me must tell you, it was fantastic. I finished the book a few days later (I only had approximately 300 pages left), annoyed at myself for not reading first, but no regret whatsoever.

Now, let me just state the obvious by acknowledging that Laci and I are about 5 years too late on the Harry P. bandwagon. We also realize that we are intelligent, relatively cultured, 25 year olds, who literally were holding hands and screaming together during certain parts of this movie. It's become incorporated into our everyday language as well. Text received from Laci regarding a truly terrible day she was having: I feel like I am in Azkaban. My response: It's like they are your dementors. Use your Patronus. We are obsessed and we've dealt with it. You should too.

I didn't want to read the series before because, "I have so many more important things to read. Like poetry and Michael Ondaatje books, and stuff about science and volume upon volume of literature that is so far superior to Harry Potter. I can't deign myself to be bothered. Now where did I put my 'you're a pretentious reader and no ones like you' hat?"

I knew the subject matter would interest me, but with all the hullabaloo and crazed fans that go with H.P. (akin to Twilight, yet slightly less frightening)-- I got turned off. I have had several friends tell me, friends who I have literary respect in, that I
neededto read the books. I finally resigned my pride to acknowledging I really did want a break from the heavy reading I usually do. So I gave in. I suggest you do to.

JKR creates a world that transports and enchants you. It is so great.

I am going to be Harry Potter for Halloween this year. Laci is going as Hermoine. Enough said.