Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why my mom could be on the website: postcardsfromyomomma.com

Back story: Mom just got back from vacation. When I was little, I used to put on this blue cape and run around in my underwear with sunglasses on and a hood screaming, "I'm supergirl!" We have pictures of this mortally embarrassing little endearment of mine.

From my mom:
Love you, my little "super girl"! --don't know where that came from - probably sun stroke - I have been outside working in the sun. Oh, the funniest thing at the beach there were two people all bundled up sitting in lawn chairs enjoying the ocean and not 20 yds away were a girl and boy laying out on their stomachs with only their britches on - the guys shoulders were shaking. hahahaha - he sure was trying to impress her. It was 60 but windy and still March ya know. I took a picture - of course!!! hahaha


My mom is the funniest person who ever lived.

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