Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"What if I were smiling and running into your arms...

...would you see then what I see now?"
-Jon Krakauer


  1. About to drink tea, gulping back tears first--just at the thought of Christopher M. As you know, Pally, for us, it all started when we saw that stack of books on his dresser (in the movie version), and we realized, with awe, that, we too, had read all the books there. :-(

  2. You write the way you talk, with a precision. And I love it.

    And yes, Pally. *Deep sigh of wonderlust.*

  3. :-i Thanks, Pally. Where shall I wander next? This is the question--

    I have these wild notions to ditch Africa sometimes--to head to Canada instead--or perhaps Mexico. But then I think again of Africa, and I'm a bucket on a pulley, ropse-stuck to Namibian Baobab.