Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Two

The goblins ate her up
Is what my sister said
When I asked her
What happened
She answered
The goblins got her good
Eyes went all blank
I pushed back her hair
Younger, but stronger
The goblins won’t eat me up
I said.
My own eyes as hard as stone
But in a different way.
I hope
She replied.
I know
I said.
I want to keep all of me
I don’t want to be chunked out
Like you
I’d kick. I’d bite. I’d never let them win.
My sister, who knows more pain than I
The sister who got eaten
She smiled her sad
half-black smile
The smile that made me wince
Ill protect you
She said.
I hope
I said.
As night crept in too soon.