Thursday, June 10, 2010

Old fashioned piano party.

So Jordan was home last night (yay!) and I went over to the Hull's for dinner, gazebo lounging, and Dr. Steve Brule ("For your health!") watching. Not sure exactly how this happened, but by the end of the night, Jordan, Lindsey, Robert and I were all gathered around the piano while he played/sang/harmonica-ed it up. We must have sang for a couple hours all together. We covered Elton, Journey, Queen, and Gaga. I think the general consensus for the night was as follows:

*Black Velvet whiskey is fun, but not as fun as moonshine.

*Robert Devir needs to sing more.

*Jordan, obviously, is a musical genius.

*Lindsey and I have enormous potential for a real future in show-tunes.

*Lindsey prefers to end her solo's with falling into a banjo.

*Brett prefers creating alternative scenarios for the end of Glee, that involve shot-guns and a mass murder, to an old-fashioned piano party.

*I prefer, as a whole, to do this every night of my freaking life. It was heaven.

Oh, and watch this:

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