Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Luna Lovegood

Laci rescued a dog yesterday. She is the dog of dreams-- a Siberian Husky with blue eyes. She is 4 years old, so perfect, and so well-behaved it's a sort-of miracle. We named her Luna Lovegood and she is wonderful with Shai and as pretty as a princess. No, but really, this dog is amazing.

Last night was a good night. It's a sad state of affairs when good evenings are something to be marked as novel or worthy of remark. A double edged sword I suppose....Anyways, Laci, Shai, Luna, and I went to PetSmart and essentially cleaned out the store. We got her everything. This dog has a polka-dot dress and about 18 toys (one of which is a pink high-heeled rubber shoe). Yeah. We then went home for dinner and playtime with Luna. She was clearly an inside dog with her previous idiot owners, but she was filthy. Absolutely filthy. So of course we attempt to give her a bath. This resulted in so much screaming Shai had to leave the bathroom and more dog hair/dog dirt on my legs than I'd ever like to experience again. Amid the medley of shouted dog commands in Russian (she needs to be as sophisticated as possible) and gagging noises coming from yours truly, that bathroom became a den of madness. After about, no joke, an hour of scrubbing her disgusting lady-dog hair, we took her outside to dry off. It was gorgeous out last night in Monroe Ohio. It was twilight and the fireflies were glowing, the immanent storm that was to the claim the life of the affectionately named "Touch-down Jesus" on 75 , was rumbling in the distance, it smelled like rain and summer. The light was almost purple. Shai and I bug-hunted, while Laci ran with the dog around the backyard. I pushed Shai on the swing so hard he went over the neighbors fence and brought back clumps of bushes between his knees on the down-swing. We taught Shai how to ride his bike (with him randomly interjecting at various intervals, "You know, I love my dog. She's the prettiest geel." -girl-), we played a game of tag that ended in Shai doing a full-on nose dive into a rogue mud pit he just happened to stumble upon in the yard. Naturally, he threw off his soiled clothes and chased Luna around the yard in his Chuck Taylor's and birthday suit. We were crying laughing. A few glasses of wine, a dance party to The Pixies with a dog that was completely terrified of us because we are wild crazies, and a long talk later, I realized it was after 1am and I needed to go home.

As a drove past the charred remains of Christ, I had a very satisfied feeling. It was a welcome, lovely night with people I love the most.