Thursday, June 17, 2010


"Once upon a long time ago

I had a brother

Belonged to each other

A boy and a girl.

Tied at the hip

and forged in pain

only the other knew.

The girl grew older

The boy stayed younger

The girl wore suits of armor

She was haughty

And he was high-minded.

Running like lunatics

Free from the cell

Only whole in each other

She tied on his boots

Set him upon her horse

High as the king she saw him to be

Forced nobility

Inside his dull colors.

He tried so hard

Not hard enough

But it slid off him like skin,

Too loose.

The boy tripped often

Broke his feet on nothing.

She would always say,

You fall over atoms,

My whale boy.

When the demon snuck in

And ate his will

She tried to fight it

Sword swinging

Over her head like a rocket

He made sure the bad got away.

The boy made sure he was captured.

Pity found no place in her heart

After he ripped it out

To many times

Now she waits

For him to return

To their paradise

No one else can touch

She waits for him

Watches for him

Wounded forever by fear."

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