Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Apostrophe of Vincentine, Wallace Stevens


I figured you as nude between
 Monotonous earth and dark blue sky.
 It made you seem so small and lean
 And nameless,
 Heavenly vincentine.

 I saw you then, as warm as flesh,
 But yet not too brunette,
 As warm, as clean.
 Your dress was green,
 Was whited green,
 Green vincentine.

 Then you came walking,
 In a group
 Of human others,
 Yes: you came walking,
 Yes: you came talking.

 And what I knew you felt
 came then.
 monotonous earth I saw become
 illimitable sphere of you,
 and that white animal, so lean,
 turned vincentine,
 and that white animal, so lean,
 turned heavenly, heavenly Vincentine

1 comment:

  1. The title of the poem should be "The Apostrophe to Vincentine"; in literature, an apostrophe is an exclamatory passage directed to a person or thing, usually absent. (Sorry; I edit for a living, too.)