Tuesday, May 19, 2009


A strong woman. Born weak. Made impenetrable. Carved into stone by life and betrayal. Guilt made her cold and obligation made her defiant. Resilient back of unbreakable strength. A hardening layer that grows deeper and thicker with each reaching dagger that presses through her heart. Daggers of friend, of closest family, or anyone who thinks he knows her path better that she does. Who envies her pride and seeks to destroy her will. But will is a thing not easily broken. Will lives long after a passion has faded and touch have receded past memory. Will is what picks up pieces of the most splintered heart-- will is what breaks the glass and eliminates the fear. Unrelenting steadfast will. And a woman’s will. My will. Is sharper than the daggers, sharper than a sword, and stronger than the harshest word. My will gives me power. And with power I conquer. Conquer the heart. Even if that heart may be my own.

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