Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bill Bryson

"That's the way of the world, of course. Possessions get discarded. Life moves on. But I often think what a shame it is that we didn't keep the things that made us different and special and attractive in the fifties. Imagine those palatial downtown movie theaters with their vast screens and Egyptian decor, but thrillingly enlivened with Dolby sound and slick computer graphics. Now that would be magic. Imagine having all of public life - offices, stores, restaurants, entertainments - conveniently clustered in the heart of the city and experiencing fresh air and daylight each time you moved from one to another. Imagine having a cafeteria with atomic toilets, a celebrated tea room that gave away gifts to young customers, a clothing store with a grand staircase and a mezzanine, a Kiddie Coral where you could read comics to your heart's content. Imagine having a city full of things that no other city had.
What a wonderful world that would be. What a wonderful world it was. We won't see its like again, I'm afraid."

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