Monday, February 8, 2010

This is the greatest news. EVER.

I grew up watching Muppet movies. I consider Muppet's from Space one of the funniest movies of all time.

Reading this just made my day:

"The Flight of the Conchords may be permanently grounded at HBO, but one of its guiding forces may soon help the Muppets take flight. Vulture has learned that James Bobin, who co-created the critically praised, ratings-challenged, and now-defunct cable show, is being offered the director's chair today on Walt Disney Pictures’ next Muppet movie. A Disney insider tells Vulture that while no deal has been finalized, "the movie is James' to direct — if he wants it." Neither the studio nor Bobin's reps at Creative Artists would comment, but involved sources say that the plan is to put the film into production by late summer.

However, complicating matters is that Bobin has a second offer coming in today: He’s being wooed by Universal to direct Bridesmaids, a Judd Apatow comedy co-written by Saturday Night Live’s Kristen Wiig about two women battling to plan their friend’s wedding party.

And it’s not like he’d be dealing solely in kiddie humor. The original Muppet Show was envisioned by Jim Henson as an adult show that was suitable for kids, and Bobin's hiring is in keeping with that ethic; he was also a writer on Da Ali G Show. The script, intended to revitalize the franchise, was co-written by known puppetphile Jason Segel and his Forgetting Sarah Marshall director Nicholas Stoller."

See the greatest song in the history of mankind, preformed by Jason Segel here:
(The first time Liz and I saw this we laughed for about an hour straight, and then re-watched it approximately 6 times.)
It's getting kind of hard to believe
things are going to get better
I've been drowning too long to believe
that the tide's going to turn

And I've been living too hard to believe
that things are going to get easier now
I'm still trying to shake off the pain
from the lessons I've learned

And if I see Van Helsing, I swear
to the Lord I will slay him!
A-ha-ha-haa! Take it from me
I swear I will let it be so! A-ha-ha-haa!!

Blood will run down his face
when he is decapitated...aah!
his head on my mantle is how
I will let this world know:

How much I love you--
I can't.

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