Tuesday, February 16, 2010

For I fell enraptured upon her lips.

I had no wish to be stone-hearted

and drive the dreams from her eyes.

How was I not destroyed
by the sight of her, as she tossed in sleep
Sighing from what was in her heart;
Desire! Do not perturb her breasts!
There is sorrow enough for me when I see
her hair fall about her cheeks, kissing their softness
I envy it as she rests in sleep;
all patience at an end. I lean over her,
Delicacy of feeling holds me back. i move away
in awe, longing to kneel at her feet.
My soul is torn between reverence and desire.
I remain perplexed between the two!
Did my desire reach its utmost bounds?
For I fell enraptured upon her lips.

-Ibrahim Tuqan

Translated by C. Tingley and J. Heath-Stubbs


  1. Please, God, let the future husbands of your kids, namely Pally Melly and Pally Nellie, feel this way, exactly, about them.