Sunday, October 20, 2013

I found this today. I had forgotten I wrote it.

I love when that happens. 

"I fastened you in this dropping hour
Tied like a stone
To string
In our empty room
Pulse runs hard
Forgetting we stagger
Working my way down your tongue
Following the length of you
Until the seed is swallowed
Pure black ink
Comes from your eyes
Tell me to scream
Or sigh
Either will do.

The frost cut our lips
Taught a winter’s lesson
Swollen in the cave
That formed over your mouth
I am not only aware of my tongue
I am aware of my teeth.
Red ruby deepened
Flush to the neck
You remind me of a great swan
I’ll make of you what unfolding is
Clutching chests
In a tomb like life
Wooden ships sail in

a beating heart breaks out."

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