Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Love, an admittedly passive-agressive post

What's immeasurably interesting and ultimately heartbreaking is the reason we ended, since we have ended-- despite your posturing-- has, one by girlish one, crept back into your life.  I've watched it with burning eyes. The saddest part being you don't even realize or recognize their searing presence.  They were too many and too often for you to keep track.  However, for me, they are branded into the back of my mind with an white-hot iron and I'd do anything to extricate them.  I'd do anything to remove them.

Amidst your contrition, I am disgusted.

Despite the near daily pain of seeing your selfishness enacted, I should give thanks where it is due.  Thank you: for fortifying my wall of standards, for evolving me past my restrictions, for opening my eyes to insolence in ways previously uncharted, for giving me cause to seek other passions.

A foundation built on deceit and betrayal, however long it is hidden, can in the end amount to nothing.

My word for him is nothing.
Let him be nothing.
Give him nothing.
Let him touch nothing of yours."
-Oedipus the King

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