Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Two Women

Sophia Loren & Eleonora Brown in Two Women (1960, dir. Vittorio de Sica)

“I am basically an unhappy man. Life gives me always the impression of cruelty. I read the newspaper - crimes, murders, divorces, and so on. I do not find evidence of sincerity or solidarity there. I love humanity, I trust humanity, but humanity has a way of disillusioning me. The pictures I direct are nearly always melancholy. This comes from the contrast between my love and my disillusion. I am an optimist. I love life. I seek perfection. If my art seems pessimistic, it is a consequence of my continuing optimism and its disillusion.”

-Vittorio de Sica, New Yorker, June 1957

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  1. His having said that I find terribly disappointing.