Thursday, September 24, 2009


Egyptian cleric, Yusuf El-Badry, landed a victory for Islam and took a huge step back for human rights when he recently won a court case in Egypt that reinstated female circumcision on grounds that it is in the religious doctrine of Islam. This barbaric and unspeakably violent practice is now protected through the government.

“The decision to criminalize circumcision means criminalizing something from Islam,” El-Badry bellowed in court. “This is a disaster.”

Female circumcision comes in 3 general forms: Clitoridectomy, or removal of the clitoris; Excision or clitoridectomy plus removal of the labia minora, the inner lips of the vulva; and Infibulation or removal of everything and leaving a hole between female legs.

El-Badry got involved in a case when a 14 year old girl died during one of these traditional Islamic procedures. The mother of the dead girl paid $9 so her daughter could have her vagina mutilated.

The FGM ritual is forced upon young girls on the brink of "womanhood" or marriage (usually arranged) to ensure the blushing bride's husbands are un-threatened by the girls sexual prowess and not be bothered with pleasing or satisfying them. It is considered dirty for a woman to be sexual aroused. It is not however, considered dirty to have your vagina destroyed (both internally and externally) with what is most commonly used, a razor, then crudely sewn up by an untrained professional, and be forced to menstruate and urinate through a hole the size of a pencil eraser. That is perfectly acceptable.

I strongly urge you to continue reading a more in-depth and educational study on FGM here:

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  1. This is unbelievably sad but expected from a culture that routinely cuts females on the order and par of the United States' cutting of males. Both nations should ratify the UN's Rights of a Child.