Tuesday, August 4, 2009

nights with Shai

I am pretty tired today because Shai was up until to 2am last night talking to me. Like seriously chattering away.

I get in bed around 12:30 and he wants to pray. So we go through and thank Jesus for EVEY SINGLE PERSON HE HAS EVER KNOWN. "Thanks for Munkle, and mommy because she is beautiful and Micah and Fitzy and Bowie and Janice and Cain..." this goes on for about 10 minutes.

After a few minutes of silence has gone by I think he is dozing off. Nope.

Suddenly he sits upright in bed and exclaims, "I want a burger! And ice cream."

I tell him this probably isn't going to happen for him and that he should just try to go to sleep.

Then he starts playing with my hair and pinching my cheeks. Whispering in my ear (I am half asleep at this point), "Munkle I'm pinching you." (sounds like "peeenching" when he says it).

He starts talking about how he has a robot arm and it kills bugs.

He reminds me of the time I told him I had a rocket ship in my heart for him and asks if it's still there. I groggily respond with a sleep-voice "Yes, it's there. It will always be there. I love you. Goodnight. Go to sleep."

Well apparently my tired-voice was so creepy that he feels the need to say, "Munkle, why are you talking like this," (mimics my deep voice) "it scares me. You are a monster."

So then I have to wake up, consciously lighten my tone and explain to him that I am just sleepy, and when you are sleepy your voice gets scratchy.

It's 1:20 at this point and I tell him "Shai, you HAVE to go to sleep." To which he responds by elucidating the many virtues of fighting a bear and a dinosaur and a bee all at once.

I finally manage to "story him" to sleep with a really boring tale I made up about a puppy who finds a bone and hides it in the bushes. Well, actually this turns out to be a riveting adventure story in 3 year old boy world, and he begs for more until we both finally fall asleep mid-story.

AH! I love him.

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