Monday, July 13, 2009

Why chicks cry a lot. A study in comics.

“They say that into every life a little rain must fall, especially if you are a female trapped in a romance comic.”

The peril’s and tragedies, endless tirades of crying, and cat-eye eyeliner, define the world of these comic book ladies.

I think we can all agree that women are emotional roller coasters with no compass or gauge on reality. That’s just a given.

But a handy guide like this can further explain the intricate workings of a female heart and it’s cause for so much damn crying. The reasons for these meltdowns? Well, it should be obvious now shouldn't it? Just look at what we, as delicate women the world over, have to deal with:

misplaced maternal expectation

Glaringly suspicious tendency of boyfriend to prefer African elephants over you.

hearts breaking like twigs at any emotional infraction. Example: breaking a nail, boyfriend not opening car door with a big enough smile.

further spiral into depression because her favorite dress was worn by sworn enemy, Ruthie MgGiggins at school function.

girlish dreams of being eternally wrinkle-free are dashed to the rocks by eminent future through viewing of mother.

always being a bridesmaid and possessing a propensity for rash generalizations

guilt from end of relationship due to obvious personal flaws. Example: lipstick occasionally smudged, laugh not resembling silver bells ringing, desire to spend more time reading than ironing

Being rejected by a man, in the rain, after you've tripped. That's just awful.

wishing you didn't have hideous "my little brother burnt my Barbie" hair and unusually squiggly eyebrows; in comparison to the dashing, seductive, Elvira-type lady in green.

Images extracted from The Easily Mused blog

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  1. Hilarious! Wow. Makes you want to swear off of men just to defeat such base stereotypes. My favorite comment of yours:

    "being rejected by a man, in the rain, after you've tripped. that's just awful."

    Ha ha ha.